Saturday, February 2, 2013

Singer Sewing Machine Discoveries

When we bought Magnolia Holler, back in 2011, it came "as is", which not only referred to the structures, but included the outbuildings being FULL of stuff. It's been a long process getting the garage and shed cleaned out, I can't take any credit - my husband has done  all of it. The gardening shed collapsed during a storm, so that was the first one taken care of, it's beautifully rebuilt now! Anywho, now onto these great finds!

It was last year around this time my husband found an old Singer sewing machine in the rafters of the shed. 

We believe it is pre-1900s, mainly because the last patent date on the plate says 1899.

It has seen some better days, but I can tell this use to be a beauty, with the gold filigree detailing! 

Now onto this years find...

It's a 1950's Singer sewing machine, Model 99, complete with original carry case, and instruction manual! 

I wonder what we'll find next...

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