Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Storm – Magnolia Down!

We've lived here, at Magnolia Holler, for almost 2 years now, and with every storm we always pray we won’t lose power; it’s flickered here and there, gone out for a few minutes and back on, but we’ve been very fortunate not to have lost it long. Well, with that storm that blew through here last night, let me just say – 15 ½ hours later our power is back ON! Yes, that is right, we lost power.
And honestly it didn’t bother me, I’ve never minded being without power, I LOVE candle light and flashlights made it fun for our son. The only annoying part is the water -- being on a well means when you don’t have power, you don’t have water! Other than that, we had a blast. Luckily the fridge was already pretty bare, and the freezer well stocked. So, the freezer stayed frozen and the fridge, well, there wasn’t too much that spoiled.
Now onto the damage assessment – fortunately nothing fell on the house or any outbuildings. The driveway washed out (but that happens with almost every rainfall). Several branches down, but the two  main things of destruction are –
The top branch of one of my Magnolia’s just up and broke off! And it fell right on a dogwood! We have plenty of dogwoods around, but this was our only Red Dogwood!
And, another tree just cracked halfway down the truck.
It fell right next too, but fortunatly not on, our Asian Pear tree! Whew, that was a close one!
I hope everyone is safe, with minimal to no damage!
-Live Simple, Be Happy-
Magnolia Holler


  1. No damage, thank God, and Dave had a generator put in when his Mother moved in with us years ago. After 20 seconds of no power, the generator kicks on and keeps the heat and water going with 5 rooms and a bath downstairs. Dave had it hooked up so he'd always have t.v. and his feller!
    Where do y'all live in VA? I'm in southwest, Tazewell County.

    1. Tazewell - it's beautiful down there! We're up in Central VA, Madison County.
      We want a generator, but it's one of those things that keeps getting pushed further down the list. TV and computer? hehe! That's funny -- forget running water or heat, as long as the TV and computer work all is well in the world!
      Glad to hear y'all made it through okay!