Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magnolia Holler, part 2 - O' Nuts

Our first fall and winter months at Magnolia Holler, much to our enjoyment we found nut trees. Chestnut, hickory, black walnut and possibly a white walnut (still working on confirmation).
My son and I collected about 8 cups of hickory nuts, I'll tell you, getting the meat is tiresome, yet so rewarding!

The chestnuts are tricky, with their sharp pointy husk. However I found a good method, I use my feet to break the husk!

Now, I've always heard "roasting chestnuts on an open fire", so I roasted them in the oven until the shell split. I'll tell you, the taste is, hmmm, how to put it...different or better yet, an acquired taste. My husband and I both tasted it and just gave each other this look. Then I said, maybe it'd be good in a casserole or something. I found a recipe for an apple chestnut stuffing, but have yet to try it.

And the walnuts are messy, staining everything! On the other hand, just like the hickory nuts, the meat makes it worth your while!

Of course it's time consuming, but not all that difficult. My method- smash it between two bricks. The trick is to get the pressure just right, so you can get some whole chunks!

If y'all have any good advise, cracking techniques and/or recipes for these, nuts please share!


  1. Our neighbor showed us an American Chestnut tree on our property. We've marked its site on the property so we can watch for any harvest we can get. It's not very tall and may have been broken off at some time in the past. Will have to wait and see. Like you, we are having fun discovering our new farm's treasures! Cheers!

  2. Oh wow! Y'all are lucky, the American Chestnut is very special! I'm envious...