Friday, January 18, 2013

Magnolia Holler - Pears

Back in the summer of 2011 we moved into our little piece of paradise. I decided to name it Magnolia Holler, mainly because there are three huge and very old, grandiflora "Southern Magnolia" trees on the property.

Before moving in I knew about the magnolia trees; my husband also said there were apple trees and grapes, a "mini orchard and vineyard" as I recall. We first looked at the place in February when everything was dormant.

After moving in, we discovered the grapes were dead and most of the apple trees, if not already dead, were too far gone or diseased. There are three we are trying to revive. However, we've been unsuccessful in identifying the varieties.

But good news! Each season brings new surprises. We have two crabapple trees, each a different variety (still unidentified). Crabapple jelly...Mmmm!

We also have two pear trees. A Bartlett and an Asian Pear. (I'm kicking myself because I identified the Asian Pear too late! The tree was loaded, but by the time I had it identified I was only able to score a dozen pears that the bees hadn't found.) But look at them, I thought it yet another apple!

***Stay tuned for more discoveries at Magnolia Holler!

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