Thursday, August 1, 2013

First taste of Cherokee Purple

This year we tried a few new tomatoes to see how we liked them. Our list of newbies include, Cherokee Purple, Rutgers, Pink Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, and Early Girl.

Our review thus far? 
Rutgers are great producers, with a nice even shape and red-orange coloring. Great for mixing in, especially a fresh garden salsa, but eating plain by itself it lacks a big punch of flavor. 

Mortgage Lifter, mixed reviews. The first were large and slightly sweet. However, lately we're only getting small ones. Flavor is still present, but not as strong. This is the one that was hit by the Horn Worm. 

In the picture, Rutgers on the top, with two Mortgage Lifters below.

Cherokee Purple, we are very impressed with! Not only is it beautiful, look at the coloring! But the size is huge! The taste is unforgettable, slightly sweet, smooth taste. This is my favorite of the season thus far and it will become a regular in our garden!

We're still waiting for our first Early Girl and Pink Brandywine...but should be any day now! 

What is your favorite tomato?

-Live Simple, Be Happy-
Magnolia Holler

(These are our opinions, and several factors can alter the taste. So if you disagree I'd love to hear your opinion. Maybe there is a trick for growing a certain variety you can share! )

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  1. I grew Gypsy, Abu Rawan, and Super Sauce. I really liked Gypsy but they did not get very big, and now wilt has hit all four plants. I love Abu Rawan and will grow it for years to come... Super Sauce, I'm not so sure about... I don't think it has lived up to it's name. I'm going to try Cherokee Purple on your recommendation!