Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flowers growing wild

We have a few acres in the back where, last Fall, we bush hogged, sprayed, and planted a mix of oats, rye, radish and a mixture of clover (red and crimson). The oats and rye act as a stabilizing agent, to allow the clover to root. The radish helps aerate the soil. And the clover adds nitrogen to the soil.

Of course we have lots of wild flowers blooming back there too...mainly Shasta Daisies...

Queen Anne's Lace...isn't it romantic! Be very careful though, it looks almost identical to hemlock (very poisonous)!

Yarrow, which can look very similar to Queen Anne's Lace and Hemlock too!

And we have lots of wild grape too! It vines over everything, which is annoying, but at the same time I think it gives a little bit of enchantment to the land, the way it creates little hideaways!

But, interestingly enough we have a few other things, just in a patch or two scattered randomly about. Probably brought by the wind, dropped by a bird, or left behind is an animals scat. 


Can you spot the little guy? It's like playing Where's Waldo!

And this beautiful little jewel! 

The butterflies love it, and I have no idea what it is!

Hope you enjoyed a tour of our wild flowers!
Have you ever had random flowers show up in your yard?

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Magnolia Holler

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