Saturday, October 12, 2013

Survey Cicada Damage

Surveying the Orchard after our bout with the 17-year Cicada this past Spring, we received a bit of damage to our young apple and pear trees. Though, we are hoping (fingers crossed) that most will rebound; we'll consider ourselves lucky if we only loose one or two trees. 

You can see the damage on this two year old pear. The female cicadas ripe the bark to lay their eggs. 
At least there is still green leaves and new growth. Promising. 

This two year old apple doesn't look nearly as promising.

We're hoping at least half of this two year old apple tree will survive.

This one year apple tree sustained a bit of damage to its upper branches, but the main trunk is unharmed. It will probably need an extra year to mature, but hopefully it'll survive. 

Our nut trees were hit the worst, no chestnuts, hickory, or walnuts this year! 

How did your trees survive?

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Magnolia Holler

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