Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sun Tea

Tea is a staple in our house year round - ice tea in the warm months and hot tea in the cold months. To some people, tea is just tea, but in our house - tea is NOT just tea, it is a way of life! I have different teas for different reasons, such as…

I like Mint Tea, sweetened with Honey after dinner, before bed. The combination of mint and honey helps me to relax and get ready for sleep.

I like Earl Grey Tea, sweetened with sugar and a splash of milk on cold mornings to take the chill off.

And the staple, Ice Tea (aka Sweet Tea) otherwise known as Table wine of the South…
Just like anything else, I have different Tea combinations for different purposes. When I make just my regular everyday Ice Tea, I use Luzianne. But, if it’s a special event I make my Mémé (grandmother’s) tea – which is a combination of Boston Tea Party Exotic Spice, Orange Pekoe, and Constant Comment Orange Spice. And that leaves my Sun Tea…I like to play around and mix it up some. Usually I’ll use Luzianne and Mint, then sometimes mix in an Orange Spice (and personal favorite either Boston Tea Party or Constant Comment) to spice it up a little.

The idea behind Sun Tea is to use the sun to heat the water, which will steep your tea bags. It’s not an instant process, takes planning and patience, but is a special treat here in the South!

So, grab yourself some tea bags and a clean, sterile container to steep them in.
*To make an individual batch try using a mason jar! Then once steeped, add sweetner, ice, and drink right out of the mason jar!

Add water and tea bags, place outside in direct sunlight until you’ve reached your desired steeping point. (You can tell by the color of the water, the darker the water, the stronger it is.) It is recommended not to leave it out longer than 4-hours.

Now, remove your tea bags, add your desired amount of sweetener, pour into a glass with ice…
Sit back, relax, and Enjoy!

*Warning- while using the suns energy to heat the water seem very energy efficient; it can also be very bad for your health if you're not careful. Since the sun won't heat the water to a boil, it won't kill off potentially harmful bacteria, and will actually have the opposite may encourage breeding. Black Tea, or other caffeinated tea will help ward off the growth of bacteria for a few hours, but herbal tea with no caffeine will not. If your tea appears thick, syrupy, or with ropy white strands throw it out. These are sure signs of bacteria.

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-Live Simple, Be Happy-
Magnolia Holler


  1. I really enjoy herbal teas.
    I have been trying to find a good herbal tea for summer (cold)

  2. I wanted to invite you to share some of your wonderful homesteading post on the HomeAcre Blog Hop.

  3. I love iced tea and sun tea is a great idea! So glad you shared your post on the HomeAcre Hop! Hope you come back this week! Nancy The Home Acre Hop