Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We have sprouts and a dilemma!

I think we all have spring fever, even though it's very hard not to start pulling off the winter mulch in the flower beds, but with the looming snow storm in the forecast I quieted the urge. Instead I refocused my attention on starting some of my seeds indoors. I wanted a head start with my flowers this year, so I started my marigolds, calendula, nasturtiums, and bee balm.

Just 10 days later and I have seedlings!

The calendulas were the first to sprout, followed by the marigolds, and the nasturtiums are still emerging. I'm not expecting to see anything from the bee balm for another week or two. 

Between my son and the dog, the beneficial flowers in the vegetable garden usually get trampled, I  plant them on the row ends. So this year I'm going to plant them in containers and set the container at the row ends. I did this with some marigolds last year and it worked well, they survived when the others didn't!

A couple days go I also started my tomatoes, peppers, and blue hyssop. Hopefully I'll have little sprout lets soon too! The last thing left are my strawberries!

Only two more weeks before I'll be planting the lettuce, peas, carrots, and radishes! Though I have a dilemma, my area was always a Zone 7, which the planting dates are mid march and last frost date mid April. Well, we're one of the lucky ones that was re zoned! We are now classified as 6b. Which pushed everything back 2 weeks. So onto my dilemma, continue as all the farmers in my area have for generations with the earlier planting, or listen to the "new" zoning guide and wait 2 weeks?

What would you do?

-Live Simple, Be Happy-
Magnolia Holler


  1. Well I hope to plant carrots and peas soon but I will wait until this storm passes. You will have a lot of flowers.

  2. I haven't even planted my seeds yet. I'm behind! Nothing like planting indoors, though! It is fun.
    Farmhouse hugs,