Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indoor seed starts

Well...March has come on like a lion, and I think it's gonna go out like a lion too! The ground is still too wet to till, so I still haven't been able to get my lettuce, peas and radishes planted!

Luckily the flowers I started a few weeks ago are very happy inside!
The nasturtiums are extremely happy!

The bee balm are slow, but happy!

The marigolds are are thriving.

And the calendula are growing strong!

I also started sun gold tomatoes, brandywine tomatoes, jimmy nardello peppers, baby boo pumpkins, and blue hyssop. They're all off to a slow start, so we'll have to wait and see...

I'm itching to get my hands in the dirt, but until then this ill have to do!
Have you started seeds inside, or have you been lucky enough to have seeds in the ground?

-Live Simple, Be Happy-
Magnolia Holler


  1. I've started tomatoes inside, and a mixture of perennial flowers which are slowly coming up... some have a 21 day germination time. I'm going to start more next week... if spring ever really COMES!

  2. I have the early seeds in. Hopefully they'll do okay. It sure has been cold though.

  3. Nothing outside yet...considering there is another layer of snow on the ground probably a good thing! Yes, we started a bunch of seeds inside, mainly tomatoes and peppers right now. Of course, last night my son decided that the tomato seedlings were pretty and picked some for me as a bouquet...very nice of my 2 year old, however I was a little heart broken to lose most of my amish paste tomato starts! I shall plant more seeds again and see how they do.