Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friendly Hello!

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Last  month I talked about our family of barn cats. It's taken over a year, but they are now socialized (at least with me). They all still run from my hubby and a few are friendly with my son. Anywho, with this cold weather they've become very intrigued with "inside". They wait for me on the door step every morning. Two of them have slipped under my foot when the door is open, only to stand in the room looking around and turn to run back outside. The others will peer inside from the door step, but wont venture in.

Their favorite spot to do this is the front windows. This drives our dog, Genny, crazy! This is Patches. She was born last spring.
So I let Genny outside to calm her down. It appears Patches was asking if Genny could come out and play! Look at them giving each other kisses!
Later in the day, I guess it was Whittie's turn, he is Patches brother. His favorite spot in the afternoon is sitting in my flower pot!
Whittie is the most social of the bunch. He wasn't always, but when he was about 3 months old I saved his life. Let me explain, they all usually greet me in the morning for breakfast, and when one was missing I would make a mental note and keep an eye out for him/her throughout the day, and they would always reappear. Well, this particular morning Whittie wasn't at morning feeding, mental note. A few hours later I took Genny out and left our screen door open, it was July. Our indoor cats LOVE to go outside and will sit by the door and cry. (They are very vocal.) Now, at this point I'd never once her any of the barn cats vocalize anything other than a hiss. No meow or purr.

To my surprise I heard the tiniest meow, in response to my indoor kitty, Ezzy. I followed the cry and found him inside our wood chipper! How he got in there (and why) I haven't a clue. But I helped him out. The first time he'd let me get that close and the first time (and first one) to let me touch him.

He immediately ran to his mommy and then to the food. But from that time on he's been my little shadow whenever I'm outside. To end this story, he's such a little rag doll! Him and my son are BFFs!

-Live Simple, Be Happy-
Magnolia Holler


  1. Wow, how scary that Whittie was in the wood chipper! Crazy! So glad you saved his life. I love the shot of him in the flower pot. Too cute! Cats love to sit inside boxes, bowls, or anything else they can squeeze into :)

  2. Aw, I'm glad you rescued him from the wood chipper!

  3. In the wood chipper?! He sure is lucky you found him.